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The Engage Global Opportunity (New)

Micro Daily- New Product Video (New)

Engage Global – Abundance in Health Abundance in Life! 

MMF Dr. Video- English

MMF Product Video- English

MMF Product Video- Spanish

Dr. Video- Spanish

Dr. Panel Fall Conference 2015

Chad and Angela Brann share their mmf story at fall conference


Dr Haase- Interview with Talk Show Host Steve Schorr

Dr. Haase explains why MMF works

Gerald M. Haase, MD Salt Lake City Regional, December 6th, 2014 ( Audio File) 

Gerald M. Haase, M.D. is Chairman of the Engage Glogal Medical Advisory Board. He is also Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital Colorado. Dr. Haase has been active in clinical research trials for three decades including collaborations in the design of central venous access devices, applications of intra-operative radiation therapy for treatment of pediatric tumors, evaluation of technical surgical innovations in adult and childhood cancer, and development of novel strategies for antioxidant micronutrient therapy for war fighter protection, against hazardous exposures, for certain chronic conditions, and for optimal health, the result of which is Military Micronutrient Formulation.

He received a B.A. degree from Johns Hopkins University and his M.D. degree from Tufts University School of Medicine and was awarded graduate honors in medical research. His post-graduate training was at the University of Colorado, the Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Boston, and the Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio. In clinical practice, he was board certified in general surgery, pediatric surgery and critical care. He was Chairman of Pediatric Surgery at Children’s Hospital Colorado, and consultant pediatric surgeon to the Department of the Army.

Dr. Haase served as vice-chairman of the Children’s Cancer Group, a cooperative research consortium of the National Cancer Institute. He was a member of the National Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society and its representative to the Alliance for Childhood Cancer. He is the author or co-author of 175 scientific publications, holds six U.S. patents for antioxidant micronutrient therapy and been the recipient of clinical research grants and contracts funded at a multi-million dollar cumulative level.

He has served as an editorial reviewer for numerous journals including The Journal of Pediatric Surgery, Cancer, and The American Journal of Diseases of Children and was a member of the editorial board of The Annals of Surgical Oncology. Dr. Haase participates with the International Office of the National Cancer Institute and has been an examiner in pediatric surgery for the American Board of Surgery. He is a member of more than 25 professional societies including the American Association for Cancer Research, International College of Surgeons, American Academy of Pediatrics, New York Academy of Sciences, American College of Physician Executives, and is a charter member of the International Society of Pediatric Surgical Oncology. Dr. Haase is also Chief Medical Officer of PMC and Chairman of the Board of Directors of PMC Holdings, Inc.

MMF Trailer

Cancer Risk From CT Scan Radiation HD

Dr, Mom KDXU Live Radio Show about MMF!

Diamond Leader Dr. Carrol

3 thoughts on “EG Media & Training Videos

  1. Dear Jason Golly, Tom Cherry, Nori Golay,
    And Everyone On This Project, of MMF,
    Our Family Is Involved In Global Ministries
    Far Teaching Ministries, Samartians Purse, Life Outreach, Defining Love Ministries,
    What The Product Has Done For My Two
    Head Concussions (Brain Trauma), My Insides Where All Tore Lost All Body Functions, Lost My Memory, But Today I Thank God For Prayer The Love Of God s People And MMF, Praise The Lord, we Have Helped Raised Twenty Six Children An At Least That Many Grandchildren, I Deal With Those That Are Developmentally Challenged, We Just Love Them, Our Mission Is To Serve One Million Families In Every Nation In The World, Thank You For The Opportunity To Be Part Of MMF, May the Richest Blessings Of God Overtake This Company and Those Military Men And Women Wjo Protect Us Everyday, Thank You Also For Recognizing Our Service Men And Women, Your Better Than Good, The Gary Gene Golay Family Loves You,


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