April 2018 EG News Letter

Dear Engage Team,
We are days away from closing out April. Let’s end on a high note and finish strong! March and April have been tremendous months for Engage Global. The power of #allofit is spreading and we are seeing amazing things happen because of it. From unprecedented rank advancements to sharing and converting #allofit credits, the momentum is incredible, and we know we are just glimpsing what is truly possible.
As we close out April we have some important things to share with you.
April has been a huge month for Preferred Customer recruiting. This is incredible and is yielding amazing new activity with #allofit credits and bonuses. If you need a little refresher on how #allofit credits are awarded and how #allofit bonuses are earned, Mike Mallory, our Director of Sales, will walk you through it here https://vimeo.com/262893450.
We will begin shipping Micro Daily Capsules in Bottles during the month of May. We have chosen to move to bottles because they are more efficient, easier to transport, better equipped to protect the Micro Daily capsules, and more environmentally friendly. You will start to see notifications like the one below in your ECO shipments so that there are no surprises as we begin to make the shift. These bottles will begin to replace blister packs in all future ECO orders. If consultants prefer blister packs despite all the benefits of the bottles they can manage those preferences in their back office. If you have customers that prefer blister-packs we will work with them on a case by case basis.

Jessica & Aaron Mathis are hosting a regional event featuring David Nemelka & Dr. Kedar Prasad, in Phoenix, AZ on May 19th from 10 am – 3 pm. The event is $20 per person ($15 w/o lunch) and will include lunch. For details and to register, visit: http://www.Engage-globaltour.com
Mondays @ 11 am MT: Weekly Corporate Update Call 641-715-0867 code 317764 Replay 641-715-3579 access code 317764
Mondays @ 4pm MT: Engage University Webinar (engage-university.com)
Wednesdays @ 7 pm MT: Opportunity Webinar (May is career focused! Topics will include: stay at home parents, teachers, small business owners, professional network marketers and more. (powerupzoom.com)
First Saturday of the Month @ 10 am MT: Success Saturday Webinar (powerupzoom.com)
COSTA RICA: Qualify for the 2019 Engage Global #allofit Impact Adventure in Costa Rica. Sand, sun, and so much fun will be had during this adventure with our Impact Leaders. Are you going to make the cut? Check out the details and requirements here: goo.gl/xZaNu3
As April comes to a close, we are stunned by the amazing teamwork, training, camaraderie, and generosity we have witnessed. We are so happy to recognize YOU for your fantastic work. Sending big props out to:
Top 5 Consultant Enrollers for April (6-way tie for 1st place)
Mickey Burns
Martin Stepanek
Marcela Ruiz
Kevin Brisky
Blake Younge
Joey Abbott
Top 5 Customer Enrollers for April
Tracy Franco
Matt Hemila
Caroline Monrad
Pam Parsons
Tres and Kristie Chapman
Top 5 #allofit WEEKLY Bonus Earners
Antonio Figueroa
Guillermo Ortiz
Myriam Narvaez
Eusebio Guzman Cortes
Santos Joya Mejia
We have seen an incredible amount of generosity, kindness, and service from many of you throughout April. We absolutely loved the time we got to spend with the local Food and Care Coalition on April 11th. To see our team in action, check us out at https://vimeo.com/267314609.
We have loved hearing your stories and seeing the images and footage of your events. Keep an eye out for those later this month as we unveil an all-new website for Engage Cares. And, begin planning for the next day of service in June. We’ll be announcing the corporate service date and service project very soon.
Looking forward to a wonderful May!
The Engage Global Corporate Team

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/267314609″>Engage Cares Day April 11, 2018</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/engageglobal”>Engage Global</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Engage Cares Day April 11, 2018
We spent an evening with our local Utah Food Coalition and had an incredible time serving meals and spending time with the wonderful people there. This is a special…


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