Congratulations Rodney Epps!

Rodney Epps


Rodney Epps joins Engage Global and Achieves Freedom 3 in Record Time!

“I had all but walked away from network marketing because I had come to the conclusion that it was a failed and flawed model,” says Rodney Epps, a 22-year veteran and top income earner in the network marketing industry. With all the network marketing company start-ups, break-ups and hiccups, Rodney had simply lost his faith and zeal for the business. Engage Global, with its Social Direct Sharing twist, has changed all that for Rodney.

Even before he joined the network marketing arena, Rodney was no stranger to product development, distribution and sales. Prior to entering the network marketing industry, he developed his own skin care product that was distributed through traditional independent sales reps. These experiences have only deepened his appreciation for Engage Global’s amazing supplement, MMF, precisely engineered for wellness by world-renowned scientist and researcher, Dr. Kedar Prasad.

Rodney joined Engage Global because he sees the company as one of the few that is “doing it right”. In Rodney’s opinion, doing it right, means providing unique products that create real consumer demand and brand loyalty. “The product or service has to be the star of the show,” says Rodney. “One of the most rewarding benefits of being with Engage Global is the countless calls from customers who simply call to say ‘thank you’. When that happens, the money starts flowing as a simple by-product of the value that has been created.”

Engage Global is a company that markets MMF Hydro, a proprietary blend with an optimal mix of micronutrients that boasts 7 patents and 14 clinical trials, including several double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. In short, the benefits are life-changing. Engage Global provides a way for you to try a FREE 30-day supply ($85 value) and pay only $9.99 shipping and handling. Why wait? Start feeling the best you can today!

Engage Global CEO, David Nemelka, is a Wharton School of Business Graduate, Entrepreneur and successful Venture Capitalist. David has assembled a team of experts with billion-dollar experience to help guide Engage Global into a whole new world of opportunity and in the process, they are changing the entire person-to-person business paradigm. “I believe that Engage Global is re-defining an industry,” says Rodney. “David’s approach to creating disruption and divesting himself and his company from all that is destructive, is not only visionary, but long overdue. Once again, I feel inspired and hopeful for the future.”

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