Engage Global Announces 2017 Convention Theme


Engage Global’s inaugural convention is just a little more than two months away, and in many regards, marks the formal launch of the company. The 2017 ENGAGE GLOBAL GO LIVE CONVENTION will be held May 5-6 in Provo, Utah.

In the past year, with input from our field leaders, we have honed every aspect of our company, preparing Engage Global to move into the next phase of strategic growth.

We’ve enhanced our Compensation Plan; implemented a robust and scalable IT system to support our members’ business; launched Hydro, a powdered drink version of our flagship MMF product; evaluated and evolved the look and messaging of our brand; and developed cutting-edge Artificial Technology called Evie™ that helps our members share our revolutionary products and our one-of-a-kind business opportunity with people they care about.

All of this, and much more, will “GO LIVE” during our 2017 Convention!

“We are so excited to invite each and every one of you to our GO LIVE Convention in early May,” said Founder and CEO David Nemelka. “This convention will showcase all of the advances we have made in the last year. The highlight will be the launch of our cutting-edge AI technology—we call Evie™—that is revolutionizing the way our members share our products and business opportunity. You won’t want to miss all of the announcements, the training and the camaraderie that will be a part of our 2017 Engage Global Convention!”

In addition to the launch of Evie™, attendees can expect to see:

– A keynote address by David Numelka in which he will share the vision and aspiration of Engage Global for the future

– A major address by world-renowned MMF Formulator Dr. Kedar Prasad, including Q&As

– The formal introduction of Engage Global’s new branding

– The launch of the new Engage Global web site

Dave noted that one major benefit of attending convention is that only those in attendance will be granted access to the full release of Evie in the first few months, so that’s another crucial reason to be at our 2017 GO LIVE Convention.

Tickets are available for the amazing price of only $69 person! To register, visit your back office, click on Place An Order and you’ll find the registration for the 2017 National Convention under the Events tab!


Corporate Offices Closed on Presidents’ Day – Monday, February 20th

Engage Global Officers, along with our Customer Care Support area, will be closed in commemoration of Presidents’ Day, Monday, February 20th, which is a federally-observed national holiday.

We will be back in the office on Tuesday, February 21st, so we encourage you to plan your business needs around this one day closing!

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