Engage Global New Branding Opportunity Presentation Download!


Dear Engage Global Leaders:

At Fall Conference, we introduced a new approach to Engage Global branding that received a very enthusiastic reception from you. As we told you then, we will be rolling out this new look and messaging in the coming weeks. You will see it deployed in a completely new corporate website, new videos and new print marketing materials in the near future.

To help you to begin using this new messaging and look and to ensure that we are all telling the Engage Global/MMF story in the same way, we have developed a new PowerPoint (links below) for your use in presentations. This was developed with input from a number of you, and it can be used either in whole or in parts.

For instance, the beginning focuses on the uniqueness of our flagship MMF product—a huge differentiator for us. If someone is initially interested in the product, you can use the front section for a product-only presentation. If you have a prospect that you believe is also interested in our business opportunity, then you can proceed into the second half of the presentation that talks about the amazing opportunity connected with our ground-breaking product.

Click link below to download presentation:



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