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Every so often as leadership we have fielded questions around the MTHFR gene mutations and Folic Acid. What we have experienced is that there is a lot of information that’s sheds light on only about 5% of the actual issue leaving out some very important context. With that in mind we decided to ask the source Dr. Prasad. Who better to ask than the creator of MMF? He helped shed some light on the issue and explained why he chose the ingredients that he did. Here is his response I hope it helps everyone gain a better understanding.

Hi Angela,

Thank you very much for your Email. Your colleague’s concerns about folic acid Vs methyl folate may be overrated. Here are scientific facts. If individuals have heterozygous for mutation in MTHFR (only one copy of gene has mutation), 70% of folic acid is converted to methyl folate.THIS WOULD BE SUFFICIENT TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY’S NEED. If individuals have homozygous for mutation in MTHFR (both copies of gene have mutation), 40% of folic acid is converted to methyl folate. Homozygous mutation is very rare. individuals with homozygous mutation in MTHFR should not take folic acid.

Folic acid is added 800 millimicrogram in MMF. If methylated form of folate and methylated form of cobalamin (vitamin B12), total amounts of methyl groups may increase in your body. recess methyl groups can increase the risk of cancer. These issues have to be balanced for MMF, Cyanocobalamin is in very small amounts, and body requirement or B12 is lower than in the MMF. Therefore, this is not a matter of concern with respect to releasing any cyanide.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Kedar N. Prasad, Ph.D


Invitation to Participate in the Evie Beta Phase II


Dear Engage Global Member:

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