Several Game-Changing Initiatives Headlined by “Same Day Pay”

Dear Engage Global Members:

We are ecstatic to announce the launch of an industry-first initiative we’re calling “Same Day Pay”. Through this exciting new feature, which will be effective on December 1st, we will pay enrollment bonuses to both members and preferred customer sponsors on the same day a new member is enrolled.

This offers Engage Global members and PCs an industry-first competitive advantage that provides immediate rewards for those working the business and enrolling new members and preferred customers.

Please note that this is an enroller only feature—upline bonuses will still be paid on the 5th of the month following the enrollment of a new member as it has in the past. It should also be noted that in order to be paid on the same day, the new enrollment must be posted before 4 p.m. MST to qualify. If it is posted after that, it will be paid the next day.

We believe that this is an industry game-changer that mirrors the excitement and opportunity that exists through membership and association with Engage Global. Watch your account for payment as you enroll new members and PCs in the Engage Global opportunity.

Price of Hydro is Lowered, Creating Parity in Pricing with Capsules

We are excited to announce that we are creating a single price for MMF—whether you are buying it in capsule form or in our new fast-absorbing drink version, known as Hydro.
As of December 1st, the prices of purchasing Hydro will be as follows:

Single Pack will be $70 ($5 lower)
Double Pack will be $130 ($15 lower)
Combo Pack—1 Hydro/1 Capsule—will be priced at $130 ($5 lower)
Please note that the Personal Volume (PV) for Hydro is 50.

We believe this move will simplify the decision-making process for individuals purchasing the product, allowing them to focus on the best delivery system for their situation rather than the price.

To be able to do this, the price of capsules will be changed to match the price of Hydro. This change will not occur until January 1st, however, and anyone who is an Engage Global member or PC as of December 31, 2016, will be grandfathered and will receive current pricing for one year if they are on Monthly Direct Order (MDO).

Launch of New Triple Pack MDO

In another move to make MMF in any form more affordable to families, we are introducing a new Triple Pack, which is available to those who receive their product via a Monthly Direct Order. This new combo pack will enhance income for our members, since it will increase PV by 20% per Triple Pack order.
Here are the details of this new pack, including pricing, PV and Preferred Customer Bonus:
$175 for either combo (2 Hydro/1 Capsule, 2 Capsule,/1 Hydro). This represents a $30-35 savings from previous pricing.
Personal Volume is 120
Preferred Customer Bonus pays $45 per Triple Pack on enrollment, and $25 per month thereafter. The PV on the Triple Pack is 120.
As we launch this new Triple Pack, please note that we will be eliminating the Four Pack purchase and MDO option.

Introducing New, Simplified Value Pack Structure

Finally, as a way to simplify our Value Pack options and to ensure that all of our members who are building their Engage Global business are using Hydro in their sales and marketing efforts. we are launching a new Value Pack structure. In addition to streamlining Value Pack options, it also offers significantly lower prices. The new packs are as follows:
Double Pack for $140 (1 Hydro/1Capsule)
Four Pack for $250 (2 Hydro/2 Capsule)
Six Pack for $350 (3 Hydro/3 Capsule)
We believe this simplification of Value Packs will be a powerful aid to business builders and will offer attractive pricing that reduces any objections people or individuals have in regards to price.

Please visit your back office to view the generous new bonus structure associated with sale of Value Packs for both the enroller and upline of the new member or PC who purchases them.

We are extremely excited about the strategic direction we are taking our company, and are confident that all of these announcements will provide an extremely strong foundation as we enter the next phase of our company’s growth and success in 2017.

We thank you for all you have done and are doing to share the story of Engage Global and our flagship MMF product with people everywhere. The impact on the quality of individuals and their families cannot be overestimated. We feel honored to team with you in making a difference.

Best Regards,

The Engage Global Team