Don’t Miss This Promotion Opportunity!!!!!


Dear Engage Global Members:

Believe it or not, there’s less than a week left in the month…but there’s still plenty of time to make some serious extra cash for the upcoming holidays through the October Value Pack Challenge.

As a refresher, there’s a guaranteed $10,000 minimum* in this month’s Value Pack Bonus Pool that will be divided among the qualifiers of this exciting promotion.

All you have to do to qualify and receive a portion of the bonus pool is:

* Earn 3 points by selling a minimum of 3 Value Packs during the month

* Sell the 3 Value Packs to at least 2 new members

To add an even bigger incentive to the promotion, we’ve added a multiplier on the points of the top three earners:

First Place: 3X (for example if 1 point is worth $200 we will pay you an extra $600)

Second Place: 2x (for example if 1 point is worth $200 we will pay you an extra $400)

Third Place: 1x (for example if 1 point is worth $200 we will pay you an extra $200)

Eight Qualifiers To Date

As of today, eight Engage Global members have qualified to participate in the pool. That means at this stage, qualified winners would earn approximately $144 per point. Here’s the current rankings and payout as they stand today. Please note, that the payout amounts are subject to change as more members qualify during the next week:

Name Points Current Payout

Burrows Marketing Consultants LLC 12 $5,142.86

Russel Kort 5 $1,428.57

Gabrielle Hodson 5 $1,428.57

Donnna Syring 4 $ 571.43

Alma Frisk 3 $ 428.57

Melinda Warth 3 $ 428.57

Myriam Rincon 3 $ 428.57

JAL Advisors LLC 3 $ 428.57

Join the folks above and don’t miss the opportunity to earn some significant cash during a time of year everyone can use some extra money. Make a final push to promote the sale of Value Packs, and as you can see, you can have the potential to earn a significant portion of the $10,000 pool!

We hope to see your names on the list of winners that we will announce next week. You can rock your Halloween costume even better, knowing that there’s some big bucks headed your way!

The Engage Global Team


* The $10,000 minimum is based on 200 (or less) value packs being sold.

* Every value pack sold in excess of 200 will just add to the amount of money each Challenge winner receives. For instance, if 300 value packs are sold, the pool will grow to $15,000 and be divided among the qualifiers.

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