Engage Weekly Update




At Engage Global, we’re constantly looking for ways to better support your frontline sales efforts. To do so, we’re committed to listening to your concerns and ideas, and when practical and in the best interests of our entire enterprise, taking action that will benefit everyone.

To that end, we’ve listened to your suggestions that receiving commissions earlier in the month would be extremely motivating and help you have access to the resources you need to further build your business in the new month.

We are, therefore, thrilled to announce that we will be moving the day that monthly commissions are paid from the 15th of the month to the 5th. Note that when the 5th falls on a weekend, we will pay commissions on the following Monday. This change will take place beginning with November commissions.

Since we’ve transitioned to a powerful new technology system in the last few months that enables us to calculate and pay commissions sooner, we want to reward your monthly efforts as quickly as possible. We know that this simple but significant change will have a ripple effect on our whole organization and that everyone will benefit from the synergies connected with this move.

Stay tuned for further updates as we move closer to the implementation and thank you for all you do to share our revolutionary product and the amazing business opportunity that accompanies it!



Some of you have experienced some slowness and glitches in your back office in recent weeks. We know this is frustrating at times, but the good news is that what you’ve experienced is related to the growth we’ve experienced over the past year.

The good news is that as of today, we have migrated our entire back office support system to new servers that have the capacity to meet our needs now and in the longer term future. As a result, you should not experience any of the issues you have encountered recently. Please note that this change will not change the interface or functionality of the system but will increase the capacity to better meet the demands of growth moving forward.

We appreciate your patience during this transition, and look forward to smooth sailing from now on, on this front!


Last week, we announced a discounted shipping program that will be available to all Engage Global members and customers beginning November 1st.

We had originally thought to call this program “Engage Prime” but have decided instead to call it “Engage Unlimited”, since that better reflects what the program offers: unlimited product shipping based on an unbelievably low annual prepaid subscription fee.

As a reminder, Engage Global members or preferred customers can sign up for Engage Unlimited during the enrollment process, or anytime thereafter, beginning on November 1, 2016. When you sign-up for the program, you pay an annual subscription fee that is automatically renewed 12 months from your sign-up date, unless you notify us.

For a limited time, we are offering an Introductory Promotion price of $59.99 for an annual subscription fee—$20 off the normal $79.99 fee that will be charged beginning in December.

Your annual subscription fee covers ALL shipping on any order, including enrollment, MDO, regular orders for any item or any combination of these. Engage Unlimited covers standard shipping costs; however, program members can upgrade their shipping service level for a discount.

Watch for further updates as we move closer to the November 1st sign-up date!


As we communicated to you last week, we are evolving the Engage Global brand to better communicate the energy and revolutionary nature associated with our company and products.

As we told you, these changes will be manifest both in the messaging and visual look of our brand. The first evidence of this change is exemplified in the branding associated with the launch of the new Hydro product in mid-September.

We will be updating all of our corporate marketing materials—both digitally and in print—over the next few months. In the meantime, we have updated some of the content on our corporate website, including the home page and the product page on the site. We wanted to draw your attention to these changes, and let you know that this is only the beginning of the exciting changes you will see in every aspect of our marketing efforts over the next year.

We are excited about the energy these changes will bring to the Engage Global brand, and are confident that together, we will create a world-class brand for our amazing company.

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