Dear Engage Global Members:

During the past several months, the executive team here at Engage Global has worked hard to evaluate every aspect of our business to prepare to take our company into the next phase of its growth.


One of the most important strategic efforts we’ve undertaken in the past few months is an evaluation of our brand, both from a messaging and visual standpoint.

We’ve asked ourselves, “Is the current way we are messaging and depicting our revolutionary MMF product and the accompanying business opportunity resonating with the largest percentage of potential customers and members possible?” “Is the messaging simple, compelling and easy to share with others?”

After going through an exhaustive process that included evaluation by branding experts and testing with external focus groups, we have learned a lot and are incorporating the lessons learned into the look and message of our company and product branding strategy.

The first evidence of this is exemplified in the branding associated with the launch of our new Hydro product. Here is a summary of some of the changes you will notice in Hydro and in all of marketing and branding efforts over the next few months:


Look and Messaging of the Brand
The overall look and feel of the company will become more vibrant and energetic. Our product messaging focuses more on the benefits of using our revolutionary MMF product and less on the history behind it. Focus group participants confirmed what many of you have told us and what we ourselves suspected: our military legacy resonates more as validation of the credibility behind our company and flagship product rather than a leading visual or messaging point.

Evolution of the MMF Name
We will continue to leverage the brand equity we have in the MMF brand, but transition the meaning of its initials to more accurately reflect what the product is— Maximum Micronutrient Formulation. This direction tested very high and more accurately reflects what MMF is.

Provide a Simple Explanation of How MMF Works
Working with MMF creator Dr. Kedar Prasad, we have developed a simple, but powerful, explanation of how MMF works, something focus group participants told us was missing in our current product messaging. It not only explains the proprietary process that Dr. Prasad developed, but helps differentiate it from all other supplement s in the market:

Text Box
You will see these changes—and many more—deployed across all our digital, printed and video marketing vehicles during the next few months.

We are confident that this initiative will help create simple, compelling messages and an energetic new visual look that will help facilitate the ease in which you share MMF and the Engage Global business opportunity.

This is only the beginning of plans we have to create a world-class brand at Engage Global Stay tuned!

David Nemelka
Chairman & Co-Founder

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