The October $10,000 Value Pack Challenge, which runs October 1st to October 31st.

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Also, Below is information regarding the new OCTOBER 2016 Promo Opportunity!!!

Listen to the call if you missed it though there were many more exciting announcements in addition to the info below!!!


Dear Engage Global Members:

We have decided to give every member at Engage the opportunity to make some serious extra cash for the Holidays. How would you like to be one of those deserving members? Well, now you can be with an exciting new promotion—

The October $10,000 Value Pack Challenge, which runs October 1st to October 31st.

The $10,000 Value Pack Challenge incentivizes members to sell our popular new member Value Packs during the month of October. The more Value Packs you sell, the better chance you have of earning big bucks. Here are the details of the promotion.

How Much Will Engage Contribute to the Value Pack Ponus Pool?
Engage is guaranteeing a minimum of $10,000 for the bonus pool.
We will contribute $50 into the pool for every value pack sold in the month of October.
The $10,000 minimum is based on 200 (or less) value packs being sold.
Every value pack sold in excess of 200 will just add to the amount of money each Challenge winner receives. For instance, if 300 value packs are sold, the pool will grow to $15,000 and be divided among the qualifiers.

Value Pack Challenge Rules
For every Value Pack you sell, you earn 1 point
You need at least 3 points (3 value pack sales) to qualify for the Value Pack Challenge bonus pool
In addition, you need to sign up at least 2 new members to qualify for the Value Pack bonus pool
Every point you earn—once you qualify—represents a percentage of the pool

Here’s some real data, based on recent sales, to give you an idea of the incredible potential of this promotion:
Twenty people would have qualified for the pool with at least 3 value pack sales (3 points) and two new members signed up. Those 20 people would have represented 75 points.
$10,000 would have been divided by 75 points (the number of points the Challenge winners would have earned). That totals $133.33 per point, or in other words $133.33 for every value pack they sold. That means if a Challenge winner earned 3 points, they would receive a $400 bonus.
One person sold 8 value packs and met the two new member requirement, so at $133.33 per point, that person would have received a $1,066.64 bonus.
Exciting,isn’t it? But what if we add a little more motivation? To provide an even bigger incentive to the go-getters out there, we’re adding a multiplier on the points of the top three earners!!

First Place: 3X (for example if 1 point is worth $133.33 we will pay you an extra $400)
Second Place: 2x (for example if 1 point is worth $133.33 we will pay you an extra $266.66)
Third Place: 1x (for example if 1 point is worth $133.33 we will pay you an extra $133.33)

We are excited to see how many value packs you can sell and how big the Value Pack Bonus Pool becomes. It is now up to all of you.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in this exciting 31-day challenge. You’ll not only earn the chance to earn significant rewards now—during a time of year when everyone can use extra money—but your active participation can help you take your business to the next level of success!

We’ll keep you updated each week on who’s winning. It should be an exciting race to the finish so stay tuned!

The Engage Global Team

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