ENGAGE GLOBAL NATIONAL CONVENTION May 5-6, 2017 and Fall Conference Round Up!



May 5-6, 2017

Chairman & Co-Founder David Nemelka announced the dates and location for the first-ever Engage Global National Convention this past weekend at Fall Conference:


Like the Fall Conference, our inaugural Convention will be chock full of exciting new announcements, special “Conference Only” deals on products, cool Engage swag… and maybe, just maybe the launch of something new on the product front.

Registration opens October 1st. Tickets will be available for purchase through your back office, at $49 a ticket during this pre-sale period. More info to come…

You won’t want to miss all of the announcements, the training, the camaraderie and the invaluable networking that is all a part of Engage Global events. And 2017 Convention promises to be the best ever!



Internationally world renowned scientist and the creator of the groundbreaking MMF formulation, Dr. Kedar Prasad, kept Fall Conference attendees spell-bound as he told the story of his youth, education and the genesis of the revolutionary formulation we know today as MMF.

Raised in poor circumstances in Bihar, India, Dr. Prasad recalled studying by lantern in his family’s humble home as his love of science and research grew. He came to America as a young man to receive his PhD in Radiation Biology, followed up by post-doctoral training at the prestigious Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Years of research led him to the belief that the right combination of vitamins and micronutrient/antioxidants could prevent or reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in humans—which is extremely significant since these conditions are the source of most modern health challenges. His work ultimately culminated in the discovery of MMF, which has been validated by millions of dollars of research, including seven human clinical trials.

With MMF being, available exclusively from Engage Global, Dr. Prasad’s said he is so impressed with the mission of our company, he has agreed to devote all of his efforts to Engage Global as our company’s Chief Scientific Officer.

Quoting a line from the great American Poet Robert Frost, he said, “The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep…”

He ended his address by promising conference attendees that in the time he has “before he sleeps” his efforts and passion will be devoted to the success of Engage. Everyone in attendance felt moved and motivated to be in the presence of this great man.


From the beginning, Engage Global Chairman and Co-Founder has said that our company is about much more than making money. That’s why he and his wife, Arianne, founded the Jean Valjean Foundation soon after the company was launched to provide a portion of company profits to fund charitable causes that mean something to Engage members.

On an annual basis, the foundation’s board reviews applications submitted by Engage Global members related to charitable causes in which they are involved and passionate about. If the application meets the foundation’s criteria, the charity is awarded a dollar amount, based on available funds. To date, the foundation has donated over $75,000 in funds to worthy causes.

At Fall Conference, David announced several new initiatives that fall under the foundation’s work:

Foundation Director Appointed
Brenda Hall has been appointed Vice President of Humanitarian Services for all charitable initiatives. She will coordinate the activities of the Jean Valjean Foundation, as well as some of the new initiatives announced at the Fall Conference.

Engage Cares – Quarterly Days/Weekends of Service
Engage Global has created the Engage Cares Initiative—an effort to empower Engage Global employees and members to make a difference in their local communities at least once a quarter.

Our first service project included our corporate team, doing their part in helping our neighborhood park construct a playground.



At Engage Headquarters, employees are granted three hours of paid time to donate their time and muscle to support local charitable efforts. David challenged members to do likewise, and once a quarter on a designated “Day/Weekend of Service”, we are encouraging all Engage members to roll up their sleeves and support worthy causes that they are passionate about in their local communities.

Engage Cares T-Shirts Available for Members
Members who participate in a worthy charitable endeavor can contact Brenda Hall, our new humanitarian services vice president, at brenda@engage-global.com to request Engage Cares t-shirts to wear during your activity.

Teddy Memorial Fund Established

As many of you know, David and Arianne Nemelka unexpectedly lost their 19-year-old son, Teddy, on June 16th due to complications from tonsillitis. He was only 19 years old. To honor his memory, the Nemelka’s are establishing an initiative in his honor, known as the Teddy Memorial Fund.

As David and Arianne experienced in June, parents who lose a child are not only dealing with a huge loss, they must face the significant cost of taking care of their child’s memorial service and burial. Therefore, this fund will be used to help any Engage Global member who loses a child (birth to 19) to defray funeral expenses. Active members who are in this difficult situation will receive a $1,000 Ray of light donation to help support them in their time of need. You may contact Brenda Hall at brenda@engage-global.com to request the funds.

At Engage Global we are all family and we want to show love and come to our members in times of tragedy.

1 thought on “ENGAGE GLOBAL NATIONAL CONVENTION May 5-6, 2017 and Fall Conference Round Up!

  1. Meeting Dr. Prasad was one of the greatest pleasures of my life. Giving birth to my two children were first. He is a wonderful, humble man with a heart of gold.
    Lisa Grillo


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