Dear Engage Global Members:



Dear Engage Global Members:

For those who participated on tonight’s Conference Call, you know that we’ve had a phenomenal reception to the newest addition to the Engage Global product line—a drink version of our original product called MMF HYDRO.

Beginning this past Monday, we launched pre-sales of MMF HYDRO, with special pre-launch pricing that features a 10% discount over the normal wholesale price.

Originally, we had intended to only offer pre-launch orders/pricing to active members, but our leaders have told us that they believe this pre-sales period offers an awesome opportunity to reconnect with members and customers who have used MMF in the past, but haven’t made recent purchases.

This makes total sense, so beginning Tuesday, August 23rd, we will begin offering pre-launch ordering and pricing to anyone—current, former or potential new members and customers—so they can experience the power of MMF HYRDO product before its formal launch at our Fall Conference, September 17.

If you’re an active member and haven’t placed your pre-launch order, be sure to get your order in before next Tuesday to ensure that you have first crack at this amazing new version of MMF, since pre-launch supplies are limited.

At the same time, we encourage you to evaluate your member and customer lists and then begin contacting those who haven’t ordered for a while to let them know that MMF is now available in a convenient stick pack form, known as MMF HYDRO, that when added to 8-12 oz. of water, speeds absorption and helps everyone to experience the power of MMF “at the speed of now.” Also, make sure you let them know that they can pre-order it now at special pre-launch pricing.

As a reminder, pre-sale pricing of Two packs of 60 servings of MMF HYDRO is $130, a 10% discount over the normal price of $145 that will become effective after its formal launch in mid-September.

We appreciate your enthusiastic reception to MMF HYDRO, and encourage each of you to use the opportunity this pre-launch period offers to take our business into the next phase of growth and success.

Best Regards,

The Engage Global Team

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