Fall Conference Preview! An Event You Don’t Want To Miss!!!


Fall Conference
Dear Engage Global Members:
Fall Conference is fast approaching, and many of you are asking what you can expect at this first-ever, all-inclusive conference. Here are the details at-a-glance, followed by a description of some of the topics and sessions that will be featured at this premier event, which we believe will kick-off the next phase of growth for our company.


WHAT: Inaugural Fall Conference

WHEN: September 17, 2016

WHERE: Zermatt Resort—Midway, Utah

WHO: All members, customers and friends of Engage Global—literally ANYONE interested in learning more about our company, its products and the accompanying business opportunity.


$35 for one ticket—includes all Saturday business sessions and lunch.

$199 for two tickets—includes a Friday night stay, all Saturday business sessions and a lunch.

$349 for two tickets—includes hotel for both Friday and Saturday night, all Saturday business sessions and a lunch.


We’ve been extremely busy at Engage headquarters laying the strategic groundwork for the next phase of our company’s growth. There will be many important announcements during Fall Conference about what lies in store for our company for the balance of 2016 and many of the exciting strategies we will be deploying as we look ahead to 2017.

Meeting Kick-Off

Engage Global Founder & Chairman David Nemelka will kick-off the day with an address that will paint a clear picture of the future vision and direction our company is taking. He will highlight many of the important strategies that have been under development for some time and how they will be instrumental as we move our company into a new, even more exciting phase of leadership and growth.

Brand Evolution

A company like Engage Global that offers ground-breaking products through an extremely attractive business opportunity deserves a world-class brand to convey its significance to consumers and potential members alike. We’ve been analyzing every aspect of our brand—from its visual look to the key messages that we are using to describe our company and its products—and are making some exciting adjustments that will enable us to convey the look and feel of a premier brand to the world. You’ll see and hear more about this in our morning session.

MMF HYDRO Formally Launched

You’ve been hearing a lot about a new addition to the MMF family known as MMF HYDRO.

Fall Conference is where this exciting new product will be formally launched and where you will be able to pick-up the products you’ve purchased during the pre-launch sales initiative. It’s clear that MMF HYDRO, which is a great-tasting citrus-flavored drink is a game changer for our company, so you won’t want to miss its exciting debut.

New Business Building System Launched

If you’re participating as a member in Engage Global’s business opportunity, you know by now you’re never on your own. We’re here as your partner every step of the way to guide you as you grow and build your Engage business. And to offer you an even more tangible way of assisting you in your business, we are launching a proven business building system app, known as Bitesize, to assist you at every phase of your business’s growth. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned networker, this system can be tailored to meet your specific needs. During this session, Bitesize will demonstrate the capabilities of this powerful tool and how it can help you build your business in very tangible ways.

Fall Promotion Announced

As we move into the Fall selling season, we will be announcing an exciting new business promotion that will help motivate those who leave Fall Conference with a desire to make an impact on their business in the last quarter of the year, while building a great launching pad for 2017.

You Won’t Want to Miss Fall Conference

This, and much, much more, will be covered during an indispensable day of learning and motivation, along with the intangible benefit of networking that goes with every Engage Global meeting.

The fact is, members who attend meetings like Fall Conference are on average 5 times more likely to build a successful business than those who don’t! The bottom line: Fall Conference will position you to succeed, so don’t delay. Reserve your spot today by visiting the back office and buying tickets for yourself and for any prospects you feel would benefit by attending this event.

We look forward to seeing you on September 17th!

The Engage Global Team

Dear Engage Global Members:



Dear Engage Global Members:

For those who participated on tonight’s Conference Call, you know that we’ve had a phenomenal reception to the newest addition to the Engage Global product line—a drink version of our original product called MMF HYDRO.

Beginning this past Monday, we launched pre-sales of MMF HYDRO, with special pre-launch pricing that features a 10% discount over the normal wholesale price.

Originally, we had intended to only offer pre-launch orders/pricing to active members, but our leaders have told us that they believe this pre-sales period offers an awesome opportunity to reconnect with members and customers who have used MMF in the past, but haven’t made recent purchases.

This makes total sense, so beginning Tuesday, August 23rd, we will begin offering pre-launch ordering and pricing to anyone—current, former or potential new members and customers—so they can experience the power of MMF HYRDO product before its formal launch at our Fall Conference, September 17.

If you’re an active member and haven’t placed your pre-launch order, be sure to get your order in before next Tuesday to ensure that you have first crack at this amazing new version of MMF, since pre-launch supplies are limited.

At the same time, we encourage you to evaluate your member and customer lists and then begin contacting those who haven’t ordered for a while to let them know that MMF is now available in a convenient stick pack form, known as MMF HYDRO, that when added to 8-12 oz. of water, speeds absorption and helps everyone to experience the power of MMF “at the speed of now.” Also, make sure you let them know that they can pre-order it now at special pre-launch pricing.

As a reminder, pre-sale pricing of Two packs of 60 servings of MMF HYDRO is $130, a 10% discount over the normal price of $145 that will become effective after its formal launch in mid-September.

We appreciate your enthusiastic reception to MMF HYDRO, and encourage each of you to use the opportunity this pre-launch period offers to take our business into the next phase of growth and success.

Best Regards,

The Engage Global Team

Today is the day!!!! Order your MMF Hydro pre sale today!!!!


Dear Member:
Excitement is building as we prepare to launch the newest addition to the Engage Global product line—MMF HYDRO.

MMF HYDRO will be formally launched at our member Fall Conference, September 16-17 at the Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah, but is available for pre-order beginning Monday, August 15th.

MMF HYDRO will offer all the amazing benefits of our original MMF product in a lite, citrus-flavored drink that speeds absorption, making MMF’s benefits immediately bio-available to your body. It will be available in units of 60 stick packs (60 servings) each. All you need to do is add a single pack to 8 -12 oz. of water, and its ready to consume!

During the pre-sale period—August 15th to September 15th—active members will be able to purchase two units of 60 stick packs bundled together for a total of 120 servings at a 10% discount over the normal wholesale price as long as original inventory lasts. The normal member price for this pack is $145, but during the pre-sale, the same bundle will be available to members for $130.

There is a limited number of 1,000 bundles available during the pre-sale period, so don’t delay—get your order in at your earliest possible convenience!! Pre-ordered product will be available for pick-up at the Fall Conference for those in attendance. The rest will be shipped out the week of September 19th, following the conference.

To pre-order MMF Hydro, call Customer Service at 801-655-4501 or visit your back office and place your order online.

We can’t wait for you to experience the fun, refreshing taste of MMF HYDRO and experience its power “at the speed of now”.


The Engage Global Team

Another wonderful and LIFE CHANGING experience with MMF!

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