You absolutely cannot miss!!! Regional Registration!

Regional Meetings!

Registration for the following regional meetings are now live! Click on “Register Here” to secure your spot for the corresponding meeting you will be attending. Don’t forget to remind your organization to register!

March 19 — Salt Lake City, Utah Register Here!

March 25 – 26 — Los Angeles, California Register Here!

April 1 – 2 — Pasco, Washington Register Here!

April 8 – 9 — St. George, Utah Register Here!

April 15 -16 — Dallas, Texas Register Here!

We encourage our members to do everything they can to be in attendance due to the amount of new and important information that will be discussed during these meetings.

Sneak Preview!!

Learn how to share MMF with Prospects!

Learn about system upgrades to facilitate your business growth!
( See team info- Reports )
( Your new Recruiting website)
( Online Awesomeness )
Hear company’s 2016 plan for you!
( Event Calendar )
New Career Path!
( Getting started tools )
Customer Program Enhancements!

Leadership & Team Building!
What does this Mean???
Edify – Motivate – Inspire

Imagine customers and members all getting an E.M.I. from their sponsor/upline on every interaction…

Suppose our aim as upline was to ‘give an E.M.I’ to our team mates as a matter of regular business……

Imagine the enviable culture we could foster…….


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