A Message From Engage Global Headquarters!


Due to the success we saw during the Christmas Cash promotion in November, Engage Global has decided to give everyone another opportunity to earn some extra cash this holiday season!

This is not an extension, but a chance to DO IT AGAIN!
PGV (Personal Group Volume) does not carry over from November’s promotion– everyone will start again at ZERO PGV.

Here’s how it works:
1. This promotion totals up the PGV, Personal Group Volume (volume from your personally sponsored people), new enrollees and existing members, during the month of December.

2. The following bonuses will be paid out based on your PGV total for December.
a. Generate 500 PGV or greater and earn a bonus of $250 on top of regular commissions.
b. Generate 1000 PGV or greater and earn a bonus of $750 on top of regular commissions.
c. Generate 1500 PGV or greater and earn a bonus of $1500 on top of regular commissions.

3. These bonuses do not compound meaning you can only earn one bonus based on the total enrollment volume amount you achieve.

4. The promotion period is December 1st through December 31st, 2015

5. Bonuses will be paid on January 15th.

6. Earn volume from the following packs only, autoship volume does not count.
Engage Global apologizes for any difficulties members may have had during our Black Friday sales. We did not anticipate such great success and due to the large amount of orders, our servers were overwhelmed. Our Member Services Agents are working hard to correct any discrepancies. If you have questions about your Black Friday order, please contact Member Services at 801.655.4501
Engage Global 2015


Holiday Hours:

Thursday, December 24—Office Closed
Friday, December 25—Office Closed
Thursday, December 31—Office open all day, until 5 pm (MST)
Friday, January 1—Office ClosedA

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