Dear Members, The summer is coming to a close, can you believe it?


Dear Members,
The summer is coming to a close, can you believe it? There is only ONE MORE MONTH to secure your spot in Engage Global’s Fast Start Club! Keep working hard! Members will be announced at Fall Conference on September 26!

Get Motivated!

Need a little extra motivation to get your business moving? Check out the article below for helpful tips and advice from network marketing icon, Joe Polish, as he discusses how to effectively network and recruit strong, active members that will help your business flourish.

“Joe recently shared his best networking advice for achievement-minded entrepreneurs with AES Nation. He emphasized that many entrepreneurs mistakenly view marketing as a method of tricking people into buying. Not so, says Joe. Instead, it’s about forging meaningful connections, sharing your story and the passion that drives you, and collaborating with top people to enhance each other’s success.”

Read the full article for more great techniques that will help you reach your goals this summer, by clicking on the link below.

Network Like a Genius: Insights From a World-Class Marketing Guru


Come join us for the day as we learn from the leaders of Engage Global, hear from our doctor’s panel, exchange ideas, share success and celebrate an amazing year! If you are serious about expanding your business, you will not want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from some of the finest leaders in network marketing.

All members who attend will receive ONE FREE BOX OF MMF!!!
That’s a $65 value for FREE!

Fall Conference has now been EXPANDED! Now everyone who has purchased, or will purchase a ticket to attend Fall Conference, will receive 2 GUEST TICKETS at no charge! This will be a fantastic opportunity to introduce prospective members to Engage Global. Each guest who attends will receive a two-week supply of MMF FREE in exchange for their ticket! Start inviting your friends today– we can’t wait to meet them!

Be sure to get your tickets by contacting members services soon!
Seats are filling up fast!

Saturday, September 26, 2015
Utah Valley Convention Center
220 West Center Street
Provo, UT 84601

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