Important Link between the Brain and Immune System Found

The new line of communication prompts rethinking of neurologic disease

By Bret Stetka | July 21, 2015

T-cells present in vessels separate from arteries and veins confirm that the brain does in fact have a lymphatic system linking it directly the peripheral immune system.
When the ancient Egyptians prepared a mummy they would scoop out the brain through the nostrils and throw it away. While other organs were preserved and entombed, the brain was considered separately from the rest of the body, and unnecessary for life or afterlife. Eventually, of course, healers and scientists realized that the three pounds of entangled neurons beneath our crania serve some rather critical functions. Yet even now the brain is often viewed as somewhat divorced from the rest of the body; a neurobiological Oz crewing our bodies and minds from behind the scenes with unique biology and unique pathologies.

Perhaps the most commonly cited division between body and brain concerns the immune system. Continue Reading click here

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