The Benefits of MMF!

Engage Global's photo.

Amazing stuff!

Have you ever read about the origins of Engage Global and MMF?

“After September 11, 2001, protecting the good health of our men and women in uniform–many of whom were operating in the world’s most hazardous environments–became very important to Marine Corps Systems Command and other decision makers at Quantico.

For this reason, the US Department of Defense asked a team of medical doctors and PhD research scientists to develop a powerful micronutrient supplement to fortify and repair vital body mechanisms that would be challenged by the rigors and hazards faced by soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors.

Years of dedicated research, including clinical and human trials, culminated in the creation of what became Military Micro nutrient Formulation (MMF)––the first and only biologic body fortification supplement of its kind, now in an all-natural, plant-based capsule.”

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