A message from Engage Global- Response to our new “VeggieCap MMF” has been simply amazing


Dear Engage Members,

Response to our new “VeggieCap MMF” has been simply amazing, and last week’s announcement allowing exchanges for “VeggieCap MMF” has been equally exuberant!  When we made this announcement we contemplated members taking advantage of the program via postal return & delivery, but instead we’ve had a wonderful, steady stream of members arriving at Engage HQ to make their exchanges in person.  If you intend to make an exchange, then please be sure to call ahead (801) 655-4501 at least 48 hours prior to the date & time of your planned pickup.  This should ensure that your exchange is ready for pick up at the agreed-upon time.

When you call to schedule your exchange, please be prepared with the following information:

  • Full name and Engage username/handle of original buyer
  • Number of boxes to be exchanged
  • Date & time of desired pickup

If you prefer the convenience of processing your exchange via post, please be sure to follow the same procedure above by calling ahead and including the above-listed information in the box(es).  Your “VeggieCap MMF” will be returned to you via Priority Mail at cost (there will be no mark-up in return shipping).

Important Note: Engage is only able to exchange new, unopened, current-manufacture MMF in resalable condition.  Please do not return Legacy MMF in the tan folding blister cards.

Whether you are buying MMF to become the ‘healthiest version of you that you can besm,’ or because you’re creating a secure and meaningful income—or both—our enhanced “VeggieCap MMF” is the best option available in the world today.

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