Vegetable Capsule & Manufacturing!

Vegetable Capsule & Manufacturing
Dear Engage Member,
We want to let you know about an exciting upgrade at Engage that will positively impact you. We have been frequently asked if it is possible to use an all-natural plant based capsule for MMF. After a great deal of testing, we are pleased to announce that as of April 17th all MMF orders will be fulfilled with our new and improved all-natural plant based vegetable derived capsule. The capsule will have a darker green color as it is colored naturally by chlorophyll.


Market research has shown that consumers prefer a more natural capsule. Many of you have echoed this sentiment. We are confident that this change will be more appealing to your customers and will help you build your Engage Global business.

We are also pleased to announce that MMF is now being manufactured right here in Utah by an NSF (National Science Foundation) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility. These certifications ensure that MMF is being manufactured to the highest standards possible. Having our manufacturing partner located here in Utah enables us to ensure quality on a daily basis.

Because MMF is being manufactured in a certified, high quality facility, you will see the following two additions to the MMF box artwork:

“Manufactured in a NSF certified facility“

“Manufactured in a GMP certified facility”

With these two additions, you and anyone who experiences MMF can be assured of Engage’s commitment to producing a high quality efficacious product.

One other item we want to make you aware of is a change on the Supplement Facts Panel. D-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate, previously shown in the Proprietary Blend, has been moved up into the ingredient panel to show its daily value per FDA guidelines. As a result the Proprietary Blend weight has been adjusted to reflect that move. This does not impact the formulation in any way shape or form. It is merely a reporting change so that we can remain compliant with government regulations.

Thank you again for all your hard work, dedication and commitment to the ideals and principles of Engage Global. We believe that these changes will enable you to move forward in confidence as you build your Engage Global business.


Engage Global

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