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3 thoughts on “Call to Action! Share Your MMF Experience!

  1. In my previous life things were wonderful. I enjoyed playing racket ball a couple times per week, skiing, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors with my family of five children. This all came to a screeching halt in 1990 as I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Even after the antibiotic treatments I asked the doctor when would I get better. I was told that I would have to learn to live with my limited mental and physical abilities. I would cycle thru periods of lots of sever joint and muscle pain, mentally unable to put things together, and physically unable to walk any distance, or do anything.

    Over the years I would find that nutritional and herbal supplements would help to relieve some of the Lyme disease symptoms. I would get to a point where I felt that things were okay, then a few weeks later I would have multiple symptoms return.

    This past year I began trying micro-nutritional products, and I now feel that I am the best I have ever felt in 24 years. Here are some of the health results I have seen:
    . Reduction of pain and no longer needing to take 4-6 pain pills per day.
    . Foot neuropathy greatly reduced, and now feeling small items on the floor.
    . Blood pressure reduced by 15 points
    . Fatty tissue lumps under skin shrunk or disappeared.
    . A eight year old cyst on my back came to a head and completely healed in a week.
    . Large sunspot on face and sunspots on back of hands disappeared.
    . Prostate issues have decreased.
    . Mental alertness has increased.
    . Sleeping better
    . Walking up to 3 miles in the mornings.
    . More energy.

    Thank you MMF for improving my life.

    Dennis Anderson
    St George, Utah


  2. My miracle began in a Laundromat in Spanish Fork, Utah. As I loaded machines, a worker started talking to me. As our conversation progressed, he showed me a package and asked if I had heard of MMF. No, I replied, and he told me about the changes in his energy and pain since he had started taking this supplement. I had been taking supplements for 30 years in hopes of relieving my pain, fatigue, poor memory, depression, and overall poor health. They had helped me some, but I still got to the point that I could no longer work, had to take narcotics for pain, other medications for sleep, and had to nap 2-3 hours a day to make up for the poor quality sleep I got at night. I frequently hoped I did not live too long, as my quality of life was draining. As my husband rolled his eyes and said “more snake oil”, I agreed to take the free sample that was offered to me. The first day I took it I noticed an energy surge, and my pain decreased as I continued it. Within 2 weeks I was hiking 2-3 miles without resulting nighttime pain, felt my brain fog lifting, and no longer needed to nap. I felt a zest for life again and was able to go out in the evening after a full day, and to enjoy cooking and other things that were burdensome before the MMF. I also eliminated all narcotics. Within 2 months I eliminated the natural joint formula that I took for my arthritis, and at 3 months I am off 4 medications, 7 supplements, and am saving money even while paying for my MMF. I still have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, and many other ”labels” of poor health, but I feel better than I have in 40 years or longer and am starting a business selling MMF as thanks for my wonderful symptom recovery. I don’t ever want to be without MMF, and am so grateful for Engage-Global bringing it to the world. Bunny Cooke, full time RVer home based in Wisconsin, 1/24/2015, for questions


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