MMF in Action Experience!

My son was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome when he was 6 years old. From the time he was 6 until 16 he was put on every kind of anti psychotic medication. There is no medication for Tourettes so those kind of meds were the ones they prescribed for Tourettes. We got him into the best neurologists and pediatricians we could find in our area. They all wanted to help him, but the medications all came with horrible side effects that Kaeden just couldn’t handle any more…and neither could we, as parents. The side effects ranged from more tics, small seizures, aggressiveness, irritability, insomnia, exhaustion, anxiety, depression and weight gain. Finally, when he was 16, my sister talked to him about what he was feeling inside because she suffers from anxiety and OCD. We discovered that he must have anxiety as well, and it had just manifested. We got him into a pediatrician who studied a lot on this disorder and she put him on Prozac. This actually worked until he left on his mission 3 years later. His body changed when he became an adult and the Prozac didn’t work like it did. On his mission, anxiety got worse and he came home. Larry Adair, my father in law, started selling these micronutrients and suggested we put Kaeden on them to see if it helped. One key piece is that we had taken him to another doctor when he returned home and she put him on Zoloft. This medication has a side effect of spiked anxiety and tics. His anxiety and tics were worse than ever. The anxiety feeds the Tourettes. So when the anxiety is under control, so is the Tourettes. Larry had me talk to someone who also sold these micronutrients and he told me to start the vitamins as I weened him off of the Zoloft. It took 3 weeks to ween him off. It was awful. However, the MMF Micronutrients made it so the process was easier and the withdrawal effects weren’t so bad. Kaeden has been taking 3 every morning and 3 every night. His anxiety is gone and his tics are so minimal that you hardly notice them at all. He is returning to his mission in 3 weeks!! He will be taking his micronutrients with him and he never misses a dose. He knows how much his body needs them and how wonderful he feels when he takes them. These are a blessing for him and our family and we thank our Heavenly Father every day for them! SHARE A.

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