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Hello Team and Happy Thursday!

For any of you that are not aware of the purpose of this blog formerly MMFinaction or our team FB Page MicroDaily in action the purpose is to provide you,  my team with easy access to up to date company and team info, easy to share informational posts etc. These team sites ARE NOT personal recruiting sites but rather team support sites! Post are created for you to be able share on your own pages with confidence. Each post made is linked and embedded together for easy one time posting and sharing. Hopefully the information provided for you is easy to access, helpful and easy to share with your personal prospects. As your up line team I hope to help provide you with helpful, useful information and tools! I would love your feed back on how or what kind of information I can post and provide that will be useful in helping you grow your teams!

Warmest Regard’s

Angela Brann

Meet Dale!

Meet Dale! Dale has given his permission for me to share with you his experience! Dale has been inflicted for about 15 years with Parkinson’s disease and has experienced life changing results from regular and consistent use of Micro Daily!

Below is Dale after about 3 months on MD

Below is Dale after about 6 Months on MD, What a life changing experience!!!



Good Evening Team! Get your #allofit! Tools available to you!



Below are attached both the English and Spanish #allofit powerpoint files! Please feel free to download to use with your teams to share with your teams to help Launch your #allofit business! A tool you can use anywhere or anytime to help you effectively communicate your business opportunity and achieve the highest success for yourselves and you Engage team!

Engage Global Opportunity PPT-3.key

Engage Opportunity Spanish PPT copy.key